Wild Bill has been the owner of Auto Graphics for 41 Years! Bill is the "go to guy" for all your car/sign Designs. With over 25 years of cad designing under his belt, you can bring him any concept and he will work his art on your vehicle.

Stephon has been working for Autographics for over 3 years now. He is multi-faceted as our lead factory trained XPEL Paint Protection installer. He has a full knowledge of how Xpel technology protects your car from everyday road hazards, and then heals itself to keep your car looking like new. He will insure that every clear bra is installed correctly to enhance the beauty of your vehicle whether it is a car, truck , boat, motor-home or airplane. And finally, Stephon is also a Certified Ceramic Coating specialist. He can make your vehicle look better than when it left the show room floor! Patience is his virtue when it comes to customer service! 

Ben has been busy working with AutoGraphics/ACAP Films, LLC  for about 2 years. He is in charge of the Graphic and Design Department where he is responsible for designing signs, logos, and graphics to make your car, truck or business unique! And with the capability to do wide-format printing, the possibilities are endless! Along with your ideas and Ben's creative thinking, he'll bring your project to completion in no time. He has done signs for realtors, logos for trucks, graphics,  vinyl wraps on motorcycles and airplanes, etc.  Customer service is Ben's priority! 

Wild Bill's protege, Becca, has been with him for over 7 years. With her background in business, she now manages the shop. Her skills include customer service, scheduling, and essentially handling the daily operations of Auto Graphics and ACAP Films, LLC. Not limited to but including tinting, Xpel PPF Film, car wraps, and hand painted pin stripes. Call Becca today for a quote. 717-665-6964

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